Difficult Times

In these difficult times when many people lost their jobs or were furloughed it is good to know that there is an alternative to spending your precious cash.

Local community group Milton Keynes Letnet is a thriving community of people who trade their skills and services within the network for “ccs” or concrete cows!  Concrete cows are computer credits, we have a banking system where members pay each other in ccs or “points” in exchange for trades which comprise anything from allotment produce, giving lifts, house-work, computer help, painting and decorating, DIY help and much more besides.  Member Valerie says that her “favourite trades were to buy sheep and chickens, to get tuition for her children and to buy a bike”!

Things were obviously quieter over lockdown, but trading still was happening and members were great at looking out for each other and met up on-line for trading and social events.  We have our first face-to-face meeting coming up when we plan to meet in a local pub/restaurant for dinner, it is a thriving social group alongside the trading and many of us have made good friends in the group.

It is currently free of charge to become a member; you will receive a Directory of things that members are Offering and Requesting.  Most people wonder what they can offer, but it is surprising … you may be able to loan a ladder or strimmer, you may be able to give a lift or provide companionship for a theatre trip, bake a cake or share surplus allotment produce – we can guarantee that there will be something that you can offer!