Our membership is based in and around Milton Keynes, Unless you live in or very close to Milton Keynes, we do not recommend joining our group. You can look for groups local to you here

Membership of MK Letnet is currently free of monetary charge for the first year to enable you to see the benefits of Letnet and then we charge £5 per year thereafter.

If you are interested in joining and would like to know more please email (please wait a few days for a reply!)

Upon receipt of your application we will send you a form asking you to list
your offers and requests.

We will send you a current directory and newsletter. Events are publicised in the newsletter and by email. You may trade as soon as you receive your directory, however you may find it easier to come along to one of our events and meet some members first. We often have lunch or a meal in a pub, which is an ideal opportunity to get to know other members.

“What can I offer?” is a question regularly asked by potential new members.

The answer is found by asking yourself, what do I do/what do I have?

Some members offer things like ironing, sewing repairs and alterations, car maintenance, cooking and baking, fresh produce from their gardens, lifts in the car, hire of tools and equipment. Therapists offer their services – reflexology, aromatherapy, massage and shiatsu are currently offered by several members. Odd jobs around the house, painting, decorating, plumbing and electrical work are often requested, gardening, shopping, secretarial services, computer training/troubleshooting, picture framing, digital photography, small web site design, tuition – piano, tap dancing, maths, baby sitting, knitting… the list is endless.

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