On Ya’ Bike! – A Letnet Success Story

LetNet Bike Project

LetNet Bike Project

A number of bikes were advertised through Letnet  I went to get one and took away a folding bike.  I contacted another member to enquire about the ‘Men in Sheds’ project as I thought that cleaning up the bike and bringing it back to life might be a lovely project for them.  He was not sure but I took it along and met all these men and had a cuppa with them, and then they took the bike out of my car and I left it with them, without having any clear arrangement other than saying I would pay for any parts needed, such as new tires.

Lo and behold, on Sunday, my bike arrived for my tea party with my bike, which as can be seen from the photo, looks gleaming and wonderful and I am very grateful to everyone involved.  I did pay CC’s for the bike.  So I regard it as a real Letnet success story – it just shows you what is possible through Letnet and a bit of initiative!


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